Yess! My life is plasticless
Yess! My life is plasticless


Trying to be a responsible consumer entails so many choices and a lot of research. Taking something on a shelf in a given commercial space subsequently raises the following questions : How was the product made? What is the product made of? Possibly, what were the living conditions of the workers? What is the packaging like? Was it fairly traded? Organically grown? Ethically sourced? Locally grown?

Of course we cannot always get clear answers but we nonetheless try to apply these filters as much as possible. Today it means that our cutoff is pretty high and oddly enough, we don't spend much more money doing so. In fact, buying organic products whole, nears the kilo price tag of conventional food in your regular supermarket. Look at lentils, rice, beans, biscuits, etc… and their kilo price tag, you'll be surprised!

At the end of the day it feels good to know you are caring for your ecological footprint and that, on an increasingly finite environment, you leave a smaller footprint.


Elise Elsacker

“Two years ago I gave myself the challenge to live without waste, this lifestyle inspired me to rethink the materials of the future in architectural design.”



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